St. Mary's Shoals Park
"The Hidden Jewel of Northeast Florida"
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St. Mary's Shoals Park has preserved what wild Florida looked like a century in the past. The park opened in 2009 and has operated through various grant funding including the Florida Communities Trust, FRDAP, and Recreational Trails Program. The property is located along the Florida-Georgia border and is flanked by the St. Mary's River on its northern boundary. Fishing ponds, pavilions, restrooms, and water access are available for public usage. There is also public access to nearly 2 miles of the tannin-stained St. Mary's River and white sandy shores.

St. Mary Shoals Park encompasses 2,568 acres consisting of separate facilities and trail systems for OHV operators and "EQUI-PED(AL)" visitors. What is an "EQUI-PED(AL)"? "EQUI-PED(AL)" refers to equestrian, pedestrian, hikers, cyclists and any other foot traffic.

Park Hours

Please note that park facilities may be closed during severe weather due to unsafe conditions. In the event of a closure notices will be posted online and on-site, and the facilities will reopen as soon as possible.

  • EQUI-PED(AL) side is open 7 days a week from 7am until sunset, except for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter.
  • OHV side is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 7am until sunset, except for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter.
  • Fee Schedule

    Fees were established by the Baker County Board of County Commissioners on March 21, 2017 by Ordinance 2017-02

      Day Passes
    • Passenger Vehicles & Vehicles with Trailers: $5
    • Off Highway Vehicles (OHV/ATV): $5 each
    • Commercial Vehicle (anything transporting over 10 persons): $50
      Annual Passes
    • Passenger Vehicles & Vehicles with Trailers: $30, Veterans/Seniors: $25
    • Off Highway Vehicles (OHV/ATV): $30 each
    • The Board of County Commissioners offers a "Tri-Pass" to anyone willing to perform at least eight (8) hours of volunteer work as supervised by a Baker County Employee to clean up St. Mary's Shoals Park. Upon completion the individual will be provided a Tri-Pass as reward for their volunteerism. The Tri-Pass is valid for a four (4) month period and grants unlimited admission to St. Mary's Shoals Park during that time.

    Trail Maps
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    Zoom in for more detailed information and click on any of the trails, trailheads, or amenities icons on the map for specific information on features of the park.
    OHV Trails Shown In Red EQUI-PED(AL) Trails Shown in Orange Multi-use Trails Shown in Green

    Activities & Amenities
    Public Restrooms are available near the parking/unloading area of both the OHV and EQUI-PED(AL) parks.
    There are 3 pavilions available with picnic tables and grills located inside the park. One at each of the parking/unloading areas of the OHV and EQUI-PED(AL) sides and one located along Shoals Park Road at the Cedar Creek Bridge. Pavilion use is first-come, first-choice basis. There are no formal reservation procedures. Please be mindful to other pavilion users.
    What is geocaching? Shoals Park is the largest off-highway geocaching location in Baker County. With 2,568 acres, Shoals Park is a geocaching paradise. Come enjoy wild Florida at its finest while on a modern day treasure hunt.
    Trail Systems:
    Shoals Park encompasses 2,568 acres consisting of separate facilities and trail systems for OHV operators and EQUI-PED(AL) visitors. OHV operators are restricted to the western section of the park. Entrance to the facility is located at 9316 Odis Yarborough Road. Over 25 miles of maintained trails are accessible to visitors with scenic views of wild Florida and river access in a safe environment.

    EQUI-PED(AL) visitors are restricted to the eastern section of the park. Entrance to this facility is located at 7777 Odis Yarborough Road. Visitors can enjoy hours of exploration through wild Florida by horseback, foot or cycling. Observe abundant wildlife including whitetail deer, turkeys, and other native species while trekking over 20 miles of scenic trails.
    River Access:
    With almost 2 miles of river shoreline there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the tannin stained waters. So what exactly is there to do at the river? Got a kayak, canoe or inner tube... there isn't a boat ramp but if you can carry a small un-powered recreational vessel then embark on an aquatic journey down the river. If you are feeling hot and need to cool down the shallow banks make for a perfect area to wade in or even go for a swim. If you just feel like relaxing for a while then there are plenty of areas with wide sandy banks to put out a towel and sunbathe. In addition to the various ponds scattered across the park fishing is also available anywhere along the banks of the St. Mary's River or Ceder Creek which runs through the middle of the park.
    Please be safe and mindful of your surroundings. Swim at your own risk, currents in the river can be too much for some visitors to overcome. Also be mindful of others in the area, if you are fishing where others are swimming make sure swimmers are aware of your activity and you should be mindful of where your hook is at all times.


    St. Mary's Shoals Park is located in Baker County, Florida, along Odis Yarborough Road between Bob Burnsed Road and CR125 North. OHV visitors should use the entrance located at 9316 Odis Yarborough Road. All other visitors should use the entrance located at 7777 Odis Yarborough Road.

    Park Rules

    Park rules and regulations are established by Administrative Policy 2022-01 , which outlines the following:

    • No alcoholic beverages are allowed within the park
    • No OHV or motorized vehicles are allowed on designated EQUI-PED(AL) trails
    • No EQUI-PED(AL) activities are allowed on designated OHV trails
    • No person shall enter or remain in the park except during the posted hours of operation
    • No defacing or tampering with buildings, trails, or other property
    • No hunting or harassing of wildlife
    • No fires except for fires in a park provided grill or area specified for grills
    • No natural resources are to be removed from the park
    • No trees or vegetation shall be disturbed in the park
    • Dogs must be leashed and walked in designated areas and cleaned up after
    • Equestrian visitors under the age of 16 must wear a helmet in accordance with Nicole's Law
    • No camping or littering
    • Park passes must be obtained in accordance with Ordinance 2017-02
    • All OHV with a tire size over 30" height is prohibited from operating within facility
    • All OHV must have spark arrestors installed
    • All OHV noise must not exceed 96 decibels
    • All OHV users under age of 16 must wear a helmet while OHV is in operation
    • All OHV must maintain posted speed at all times
    All local and State laws will be enforced. Failure to comply with park rules and regulations may result in a temporary or permanent expulsion, and/or a misdemeanor charge pursuant to § 125.69

    Special Events

    Events outside of the normal family reunion, birthday party, or friendly get-together may fall under the requirements of special events. Special events may include concerts, festivals, sponsored athletic events, etc. As special events are approved, more detailed information will be available to the public. If you are interested in hosting a special event at St. Mary's Shoals Park, an application must be submitted to County Administration for review and approval. If you would like to be considered as a vendor for a special event that is being hosted at the park, a vendor application must also be submitted to County Administration.

    All approved vendors must complete revenue tracking form required by the Florida Communities Trust.