3rd Annual

Dog Days

of Baker
Saturday, June 1st 2019
Baker County Fairgrounds
5567 Lauramore Rd, Macclenny, FL 32063
Fun foods from vendors sure to please everyone in your family!
Lydia Pons Best in Show Award
In honor of Lydia Pons there will be a best in show award this year.
Human-Dog Look Alike
Do people always tell you that your dog has taken on your features or shares your handsome good looks? Did you knit a matching sweater for you and your pup? We wanna see! A ribbon will be awarded to the best human-dog look-alike combo... costumes are optional.
Best Dressed Dog
Does your Tshitzu glide down the street in a dress? Does your Beagle trot around with the neighbors in tweed... or maybe houndstooth? If you think you have the best dressed dog in town then doll or dapper him up for this canine contest. Ribbon prize for winner.
Best Howl
Howl like you mean it! If you have the pipes to out howl the best of them then come on out and flaunt it. Ribbon awarded to winner.
Dog Talent Show
American Idol? (Nope!) The X Factor? (HA!!) We bring you the next big thing in reality talent shows: Florida's Most Talented Pooch! Can Spot count the ones on his back? Do you and Mr. Waggerton have a comedy sketch akin to Abbott and Costello (kids ask your parents)? Come show off Fido's talent and if your pooch out shines the others you take the ribbon! Limit performance to 1 minute please.
Police Dog Demo
The Baker County Sheriff's Office will hold a demonstration of their K9 unit's skills and abilities
Animal Adoption Exhibit
Puppies! Kids love puppies and guess what... we got em, and this year we will have other animals in addition to puppies! Sweet, adorable, lovable balls of fur! Puppies! They like to play. They like to run and bounce all over the place. Kittens! As much as kids love them, they love kids back. Sooooo cute... its okay, we know you want one... and they want to go home with you! What's that you say?... Puppies and kittens aren't your speed we've got you covered too with adult animals available for adoption as well.
Dog Stenciling
Want your pup to have a safe temporary stenciled "tattoo" that matches Dad's, Mom's, or your tattoo? We got you covered. Come on by and safely exhibit your proverbial ink with your pet.
Kids Dress-Up Like A Dog
Alright kids, time to get out the ol' imagination and thinking cap. We wanna see how well you can dress yourself up as your favorite dog! Get creative and have some fun with this. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Remember though, always be safe and ask an adult for help when crafting your style. This contest is just for kids 12 and under.
Pictures with Sparky
Sparky the Fire Dog will be on site available for taking pictures with all the kids! He's kinda like the Easter Bunny with a fire helmet, and not a bunny.
Rats in the Corn
Corn on the cob, kernels, popcorn, creamed corn, everybody loves corn! Especially rats! It's a fun game of critters and kernels!
Mut-Wash Station
Got a dirty mut? Bring 'em by the Mut-Wash and clean 'em up yall.
Face Painting
You have to love face painting, it's like a living coloring book without the lines.
Live Music
Live music all day from a variety of performers. Wanna play? Audition tape (kids ask your parents) or CD required. A committee will select the participants. Performers get 30 minute sets. No fees will be paid to performers, but you'll get great exposure! If you are interested let us know: eMail or call 904.259.3613.
  • People-friendly and dog-friendly dogs are permitted at the festival.
  • Dogs must be on a 6 foot leash at all times
  • No dogs determined to be dangerous or aggressive are allowed at the festival. Any sign of aggression toward other dogs or people will be removed from the festival.
  • Dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets
  • Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dog
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on County property
  • Have a dog gone good time!
  • Fees
    Entrance: $1.00 per person (kids under 3 free) Unless otherwise noted above all events once inside are included in the $1 entry fee.

    Booth Rental: $25.00 per vendor

    Covered Shelter Booth: $25.00 per vendor, space is limited

    Contest Entry Fee: All contests are free!
    Volunteers Needed
    We love our County and aim to make it better a little bit each day. Every small effort from everyone of us add up to huge changes. The proceeds from this festival will help develop new recreational programs for the youth in Baker County making it an even better place for kids to play, learn and grow into tomorrow's leaders. In addition proceeds will help provide new equipment for the Animal Control Department in part making the adoption programs better and improving the quality of animals stay when waiting to be adopted.

    If you would like to volunteer for this festival please Apply Now!
    Event Location
    Baker County Fairgrounds
    5567 Lauramore Rd
    Macclenny, FL 32063