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Property Appraiser
Work on conversion of data file for the new system. On going since Friday 8/12/16.
Monday 8/15/16 finished step 1 Sales Data and sent to vendor. 12 hoursMonday 8/22/16 finished the Building File and sent to vender, 6 hdrs
Administration Office
Need numbers on 3, 4 and 5 percent salary changes.
Altered the code base that generates report to reflect minor changes in the way the original report calculated retirement. Generated 3 documents for review. Asked the Finance Department to review the document for any part-time employees I may have missed for correction.
Clerk of Courts
Monthly ORI uploads to subscribers.
Waiting to send ORI, verify date is only 8/22/2016, when the last part of August is complete will send the ORI at that time.
Fire Department
Would like a dual display if possible.
Found a solution, sent information to Fire Chief waiting for response.
Road Department
Need chromebook installed and connected to network.
Planning on driving out this week (week of 9/12/2016).

on statute 403.413(6)(a)403.413(4) both are for littering.two citations written one is criminal one is not.Per Liz at FLHSMV,these codes is not in CLericus. ref
Researching statutes.
Clerk of Courts
Clint - I need you to attend a workshop on Friday, September 16, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at Florida Gateway College concerning the CCIS upgrade to 3.0. Please check your schedule so I can register for the both of us.
Its on my calendar
Clerk of Courts
Clint - I need help putting the Tax Deed Sales on the website.
Finance Department
Clint,Please assist with printer printing checks.
Initiated the conversation with vendor and send a voided check to them so they can begin looking at a custom optio report for our specific information.
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