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So what exactly is an Injunction?
How do I know which one applies to me?
What happens after I file?
What do I bring to court?
What about the hearing?
The other person will get a copy of everything that you write in the petition and all of the court papers. You should contact a victim advocate and have a safety plan.
For all types of injunctions, in the appropriate section, you may want to include all details of what the other person has done to you: scratching, punching, biting, kicking, throwing things at you, pulling hair, burning you, punching you, using a weapon, slapping, shoving, strangling, rape, unwanted kissing or touching, unwanted or violent sexual activity, pinning you down, destroying property, keeping you from leaving or from calling law enforcement, threatening to hurt you, harassing you, following you threatening to or causing harm to a pet, causing you injury in any way, or making threats to commit suicide.
Important Contacts
BCSO Advocate
States Attorney Office Advocate
Hubbard House
Women's Center
Baker County Clerks Office
904.259.8449 or 904.259.8113