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The Clerk's Office staff is still available via phone and email. The main number is 904.259.8113, the departments can be reached directly here. All online functions are still available.
Stacie D. Harvey

Stacie D. Harvey
Clerk of Courts

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The Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible under Florida Statutes 34.032 for recording and handling all minutes and related duties for all misdemeanors, small claims and traffic cases for the County Court. The Clerk of the Court is the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, auditor, recorder and custodian of all County funds.

Provisions of the Florida Constitution which have governed the people for over 150 years, established the Clerk of the Circuit Court as an elected public trustee and set in place at the county level a system of "checks and balances" which has been proven to serve the public well.

The office of the Clerk is a complex organization that performs a wide range of record keeping, information management and financial management in the judicial system of county government. As Public Trustee under County Government, the Clerk is the accountant and auditor for the Board of County Commissioners - Collector and distributor of statutory assessments - Guardian of the public records, public funds, and public property.

Effective June 1, 2008 the Florida Department of Revenue DR-219 form is no longer required; however, you are still required to submit the consideration/sale price either by cover letter or within the document. The Recording Office will not calculate the consideration price based on the amount of documentary stamps paid, we will suspend documents that do not list the consideration price.
Click here for a sample form.

Any person preparing or filing a court document should not include a Social Security Number or a complete Bank Account, Debit, Charge or Credit Card number in such document, unless required by law, court rule, or necessary to the adjudication of the case.

Any person has a right to request that the Clerk of the Circuit Court remove from an image or copy of a court document a social security number or complete bank account, debit, charge, or credit card number contained in a court document. Such request must be made in writing and delivered by mail, facsimile, electronic transmission, or in person to the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The request must specify the case number, the title of the document, and the identification page number of the document which contains the number to be redacted. A fee will not be charged for the redaction of a social security number or a complete bank account, debit, charge, or credit card number pursuant to such a request.