Tell Us What You Think?
Current budget projections for fiscal year 16/17 estimate the Baker County budget deficit to be $1.8 million. We are seeking citizens opinions and ideas on how to reduce this deficit and create a balanced budget. We welcome ideas that will reduce, consolidate, or eliminate spending.

We are asking for as many serious suggestions as we can obtain. Please keep your comments civil and appropriate for general consumption. Appropriate suggestions will be reviewed by the County Manager and analyzed for financial and operational impacts.

You may also mail your suggestion to:
Baker County Manager
Attn: Budget Cuts
Baker County Board of County Commissioners
55 N. 3rd Street
Macclenny, FL 32063

Next Scheduled Meeting
County Commission
08/25/2016 @ 5:00 pm
County Administration Offices
55 N 3rd Street
Macclenny, FL, 32063

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CodeRED is a communication service that allows Baker County to notify citizens of an emergency situation and helps emergency services to provide mass notifications quickly. By enrolling in the CodeRED system Emergency Services can quickly contact you and provide important information about critical situations, what actions you should take and also notify you when the situation has been resolved. The allows you to have the most relevant information to help you make more informed decisions during an ongoing state of emergency.
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